Signetron’s mission is to develop innovative software and hardware solutions to make the world cleaner, greener, and safer, in order to combat climate change. We provide research and development services and product development in the technology, energy, science, defense, and intelligence markets.

Recent Projects

Rapid Building Energy Audits

Energy efficiency improvements to buildings reduce energy consumption and improve occupant comfort. Building managers use energy audits to identify areas where a building may be losing heat or wasting electricity. However, current audit procedures are costly and imprecise, requiring significant time and labor to complete. New ways to accurately, rapidly, and inexpensively capture energy-relevant data and assemble building energy models can empower building energy managers to better understand sources of energy loss in their buildings and determine the most effective retrofits for improving energy efficiency. Over the past decade, Signetron has developed technologies to enable fast, accurate, and cost-effective audits without the need for expensive, skilled labor to collect data manually. Signetron’s innovation integrates low-cost visible and infrared optical cameras into a handheld scanner with depth sensing. This enables the operator to capture indoor 3D maps of building geometry and energy-relevant features as they traverse a building. Captured data is uploaded to the cloud where it is analyzed by Signetron software to generate an energy model and provide actionable energy audit information. This technology reduces the time and cost associated with today’s energy audits by 10× while offering actionable energy-saving recommendations. It lowers the cost barrier for building energy audits, enabling property owners and facility managers to better understand the sources of energy loss in their buildings and where to optimally target retrofits to improve energy savings.

Streamlined BIM / CAD / CAM Conversion for Panel Manufacturing

Signetron is demonstrating the effectiveness of prefabricated panels for low-rise multi-family residential buildings in the U.S. We have developed an integrated design to manufacturing workflow that unifies all actors across the supply chain for building envelope retrofits. This includes a panelization algorithm that supports all phases of design and required level of detail (LoD) for the Building Information Model (BIM) model, is informed by material and manufacturing constraints, and is the basis for panel fabrication. The project workflow consists of two major parts: (a) Accurate 3D reality capture of the building to create a 3D point cloud, and (b) Accurate conversion of the scanned 3D point cloud into a piecewise planar panel configuration on the facades by leveraging panel manufacturing, fabrication, and installation constraints. The panel information is converted to the CAM files required for 2D cutting or 3D printing machinery. Our workflow is faster, cheaper, more automated, and more efficient than traditional methods, and as such is going to reduce the on-site retrofit time to less than seven working days for a typical two-story residential home. This technology will be applicable to 89% of U.S. residential homes/units, resulting in annual energy savings of 6,200 TBtu, assuming it is coupled with an HVAC system upgrade. Anticipated direct savings attributed to the thermal envelope improvements will comprise a 27% reduction in site energy use.

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